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Workplace Relations Seminar - Sexual harassment in 2019

“An extraordinary number, one in three people, have experienced sexual harassment at work in the last five years… this is a problem that affects millions of Australians and we, collectively, have a big job ahead to tackle the problem.” – Kate Jenkins, Sex Discrimination Commissioner, AHRC National Workplace Sexual Harassment Survey, August 2018.


Sexual harassment remains a significant and complex community and workplace issue in 2019.  The courts have sent clear messages about the steps employers are expected to take to prevent this type of behaviour in the workplace, and the damages being awarded for substantiated claims are increasing.  However while there appears to be a general consensus on what behaviour is categorically unacceptable, there are varying opinions on exactly when inappropriate or unwelcome behaviour becomes sexual harassment.  Adding to the challenges for employers, technology and work as the centre of ordinary life have also blurred the line between the workplace and home.

Libby Pallot and Abbey Burns hope that you can join them for this topical seminar, where they will aim to leave you with an understanding of:

  • What sexual harassment looks like in 2019 - where is the line?

  • Relevant factors to be aware of in today’s workplace

  • Considerations for your workplace when dealing with sexual harassment

  • What employers should do to tackle the issue

  • The 2018 Australian Human Rights Commission enquiry into sexual harassment


Seminar Details

Thursday 28 March 2019

8.30am seminar begins

9.30am questions

10.00am seminar concludes

A light breakfast, tea and coffee will be provided.

Russell Kennedy, Level 12, 469 La Trobe Street Melbourne

Register here by Monday 25 March 2019.

This seminar is free to attend, but bookings are essential for catering purposes.

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