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Survey of the Not-for-profit sector 2017

Accounting firm Pitcher Partners and law firm Russell Kennedy have once again joined forces to conduct a benchmarking survey for our clients and contacts in the not-for-profit and charity sectors.

The inaugural survey was conducted at the end of 2014 and the final report can be accessed here

The aim of the benchmark survey is to let not-for-profit organisations and charities to benchmark themselves against their peers and previous years' data. This survey focuses on governance, strategy, fundraising, risk management and the use of volunteer and professional resources.

The benchmark survey will be repeated every few years to identify sector developments and emerging trends.

The following range of topics is covered on the survey.

1.  Organisation type and size

2.  Tax concessions

3.  Fundraising

4.  Governance (Board/meetings/committees/governing documents/members)

5.  Strategy, operations and compliance

6.  Risk management and audit

7.  Volunteers

8.  Use of professional services

We invite interested parties to complete the survey at the link below. It is best for the survey to be completed by a senior executive such as a CEO, Finance Manager, Operations Manager, Deputy CEO or similar person who has a broad knowledge of the whole organisation.

Commence survey HERE

All participants will receive a copy of the de-identified survey results together with commentary from Pitcher Partners and Russell Kennedy on trends identified.

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