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AMA Position Statements: men’s health, drugs in sport and the NDIS

The Australian Medical Association (“AMA”) has recently released position statements in relation to a number of health hot topics.  First on the agenda is Men’s Health, which the AMA believes requires a national strategy to address the greater vulnerability men have to various health disorders as well as substance abuse, suicide, and mental health problems.  You can view the AMA’s Position Statement on Men’s Health in full here.

The AMA also released its Position Statement on the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which calls on the Government to ensure that medical practitioners are provided with details on what medical information is required for NDIS assessments. The Statement can be viewed here.

Finally, the AMA’s Position Statement on Drugs in Sport raises a number of issues that medical practitioners encounter when working with athletes, including potential conflicts of interest and what advice should be given to athletes to assist them to comply with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code.  The statement can be viewed here.