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Inquiry into drug law reform

On 27 March 2018, the Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee published the Report into Drug Law Reform.

The Report explored the areas of prevention, law enforcement, treatment and harm reduction with regard to drug use.  The Committee made 50 recommendations after an extensive inquiry that received more than 230 submissions and held nine days of public hearings.

Among its key recommendations, the Report highlights that:

  • the Victorian Government's approach to drug policy be based on effective and humane responses that prioritise health and safety outcomes;
  • law enforcement responses should focus on trafficking and criminal behaviour arising from drug use;
  • people apprehended for personal drug use or possession should be directed to treatment and support options; and
  • increased funding for treatment and support services is needed to address substance use issues and reduce offending.

These recommendations acknowledge that while people continue to use substances, whether illicit or pharmaceutical, more needs to be done to minimise the associated harms.

There is also growing recognition among governments and the community that greater balance between traditional law enforcement and health‑based responses will have a broader positive effect on the health and safety of communities.

Read more and access the Report here.