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Not-for-profit Alert

New reporting for charities

Charities must report advocacy/political expenditure to the Australian Electoral Commission. Read about the new threshol...

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Not-for-profit Alert

Law reform for charities and not-for-profit organisations

Over the last six months a number of proposals have been considered by the Australian Government, and a number of announ...

Workplace Relations Alert

Dealing with bullying allegations against school principals

A recent Federal Court decision highlights the risks for school principals when disciplining staff who have made bullyin...

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Workplace Relations Alert

Fair Work Commission Announcement

The Fair Work Commission has announced today that the high income threshold for unfair dismissal claims will increase to...

Not-for-profit Alert

Full Federal Court reaffirms that a “fundraising” public benevolent institution does not have to provide direct relief

The Australian Taxation Office’s (“ATO”) construction of a public benevolent institution (“PBI”) as having to provide di...

Not-for-profit Alert

Associations beware: Member disciplinary action protections on the way

On 26 March 2014 the Consumer Affairs Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 (Vic) was introduced into the Victorian Parliament...

Not-for-Profit Client Alert

Stage one legislation introduced to abolish the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

After months of speculation, yesterday the Federal Coalition introduced into Parliament legislation which, if enacted, w...

NFP Charities Community
Not-for-Profit Client Alert

‘In Australia’ requirements – Public consultations close 7 April 2014

Last December the Federal Coalition Government released a list of announced but unlegislated tax measures which it plans...

Leadership Make a difference2

Festive cheer for charities — Coalition abandons tax on charity businesses

Hear from our Not-for-Profit experts regarding the coalition abandoning tax on charity businesses

Not-for-profit Bulletin

RK Not-for-profit Insights February 2015

The latest news, cases, legislation and insights from our Not-for-profit team.

Not-for-profit Alert

What might the world look like without the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission?

Before getting elected in September 2013, the Coalition vowed to abolish the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Co...