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Workplace Relations Alert

Corrupting benefits laws – what do employers need to know?

The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) has been amended to prohibit “sweetheart deals” between employers and unions by criminalisi...

Sexual Harassment
Local Government Alert

Sexual harassment – is your Councillor Code of Conduct up to the task?

The ongoing process arising from the allegations against Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has highlighted the fact that...

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Workplace Relations Alert

Expansion of the Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme – new employment screening obligations in effect

On 1 November 2017, the Victorian Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme was expanded to cover all disability services provi...

Medical Cert web box
Workplace Relations Alert

Unfit for work, but making money elsewhere

The NSW Industrial Relations Commission has upheld the dismissal of a support worker who lied about both her capacity fo...

Workplace Romance Web Box
Workplace Relations Alert

Crossing the boundaries: when can employers intervene in personal relationships in the workplace?

Workplace romances have recently been in the spotlight thanks to two highly publicised news stories.

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Workplace Relations Alert

What’s in a name? It’s the duties, not the title, which determine award coverage.

Employees who earn more than the high income threshold (currently $138,900 per annum) are not eligible to make an unfair...

WRES Checklist Web Banner 2016
Workplace Relations Alert

Roster Flexibility: Fitting Your Employees into New Care Models

As employers look for ways to implement more fluid work arrangements to respond to consumer demand, the Full Bench of th...

WRES time web box
Workplace Relations Alert

Stop right now – investigation put on hold

Some employees use various tactics to resist ‘facing the music’ when they are required to participate in a disciplinary ...

WRES injury web box
Workplace Relations Alert

Discrimination v Safety: Determining an Employee’s Capacity for Work

Our 8 March 2017 seminar raised a number of hot topics about dealing with employee injuries, illnesses and absences that...

Hospitality web box
Workplace Relations Alert

New mandatory wording for Notices of Employee Representational Rights: Get the wording right, or start again

Employers must provide employees who will be covered by a proposed enterprise agreement with a Notice of Employee Repres...

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Workplace Relations Alert

Family Violence Leave: Providing organisational support to employees experiencing family violence

In recent years a national dialogue about family violence has taken place in Australia.