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Landfill landscape Web Box
Local Government Alert

Victorian Landfill Register

This Alert is important to all entities responsible for (owner, occupier, committee of management) land impacted by a cl...

Local Govt bedroom web box 2017
Environmental Health Alert

Court considers the meaning of a ‘bedroom’ in a rooming house case

Magistrates’ Court affirms Improvement Notice issued under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act

Planning and Environment Local Gov resampled
Planning & Environment Alert

Renewable Energy Targets For Victoria Enshrined Into Law

Victoria is the first State to enshrine its renewable energy targets into legislation, and the passing of the Renewable ...

construction worker web box
Land Acquisition Alert

The Supreme Court of Victoria breathes new life into the statutory cap to compensation for financial loss

New law in relation to claims for financial loss as a consequence of a reservation of land under section 98 of the Plann...

construction worker web box
Planning Alert

Important amendments to the Victorian Planning Provisions

The Minister for Planning has recently approved a number of important amendments to the Victorian Planning Provisions.

Yarra Valley
Government, Planning & Environment Alert

Alternative law on the calculation of solatium for compulsory acquisition of land

When an interest in land is compulsorily acquired, a claimant can be entitled to solatium pursuant to s.44 of the Land A...

Planning and Environment Local Gov
Government, Planning & Environment Alert

Landfill Rehabilitation and Aftercare

Councils are reminded that an application for review of a pollution abatement notice may be filed in VCAT within 21 days...

Local Gov Announcement Photo
Planning and Environment Alert

Presumption of reimbursement of VCAT fees

Section 36 of the Courts Legislation Miscellaneous Amendments Act 2014, assented to on 9 September 2014, amended the Vic...