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ID Card
Building Alert

Identity cards for authorised persons under the Building Act

Sections 228 and 228A of the Building Act 1993 (Building Act) operate to allow a municipal building surveyor (MBS) to au...

Local Govt bedroom web box 2017
Environmental Health Alert

Court considers the meaning of a ‘bedroom’ in a rooming house case

Magistrates’ Court affirms Improvement Notice issued under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act

Construction Web Box
Construction Alert

Insolvency In The Construction Industry – Are You Covered?

Insolvency in the construction industry is a perennial concern for contractors who can be thinly capitalised and depend ...

Property Building and Construction
Building and Construction Alert

AS 2124 and AS 4000 General Conditions of Contract to be merged into new “AS 11000”.

Standards Australia has released the new AS 11000: General Conditions of Contract in draft form.