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wills and estates web box
Private Client Services Bulletin

Better, but not best – new intestacy laws

Do you have a valid Will? Do you know what would happen to your assets if you died without a Will tomorrow?

Corporate Commercial
Business Alert

ACL unfair contract terms provisions start to bite: JJ Richards contract terms declared unfair and void

The Federal Court of Australia has made orders by consent declaring unfair and void eight terms in JJ Richards & Sons’ s...

Australia map
Pro Bono Alert

Government’s proposed changes to Australian Citizenship Act 2007 defeated

On 18 October 2017, the Federal Government’s proposed changes to the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 were defeated in th...

Health Hands
Health Bulletin

RK Health Insights 26 September 2017

The latest insights from our Health Law team.

LG Burning Trash web box
Local Government Alert

Storage of Combustible Recyclables and Waste

This alert is relevant to the Waste Industry, Councils and Water Corporations.

Corporate and Commercial 2
Business Alert

Protecting small business from unfair contracts – ACCC issues first proceeding under the new unfair contracts regime

The ACCC has commenced its first Federal Court case under the November 2016 Australian Consumer Law unfair contracts pro...

Hospital 1
Health Alert

“What is it about Surgeons?”

Surgeons are twice as likely to have claims made against them than physicians, according to the Medical Board of Austral...

Canola farm 2016
AgriBio Alert

Will mega-mergers modify the Agriculture industry’s DNA?

The recent mergers of numerous chemical and agricultural companies are said to be the biggest farm-business oligopoly in...

retirement living hands
Residential Aged Care Alert

Additional Services in Residential Aged Care: Are You Compliant?

Since the Department of Health’s release in September 2016 about additional services fees, Russell Kennedy has received ...

Retirement Living Web Box
Retirement Living Alert

Victorian Government response to Parliamentary Inquiry into the Retirement Housing Sector

The Victorian Government has now released its response to the Legislative Council's Legal and Social Issues Committee Re...

retirement living hands
Home Care Alert

What the consumer wants, the consumer gets?

What the aged care consumer wants, the consumer gets? What providers may not be able to offer consumers under their home...

Search Archive

Select a topic below or hit search to view all previous insights