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Russell Kennedy recognises that employees are highly engaged when they are doing work that they love and have work-life balance. We also acknowledge that life gets busy and can be hard to manage. To support our employees, the firm has adopted an ‘all roles are flexible approach’ where possible.

Click on the links below to read our staff profiles on their flexible working arrangements.

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Samantha Taylor - Special Counsel

"Flexible work is essential in a modern workplace. Technological advancements allow us to think about work in ways that was not contemplated, even until quite recently. I encourage people to think about how they can embrace flexible work to allow them to engage more with work and their personal lives."

Click here to view Samantha's flexible working profile.

Lucy me


 Kerry Riordan - Business Development Consultant 

"I work flexibly as I have a two year old daughter, she’s only ever going to be this age once so I don’t want to miss it all while I’m at work!"

 Click here to view Kerry's flexible working profile.

 Rohan Flexi


Rohan Harris - Principal

"Working flexibly allows me to do my job, and be a father and a husband. It also allows me to keep up interests that I have outside of work."

Click here to view Rohan's flexible working profile.

 Emma Clark 


Emma Clark - Lawyer

"It is important for me to be able to be involved in my children's day as well as feeling valued in a work environment. It enables a work life balance."

Click here to view Emma's flexible working profile.

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